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Dan Naumov

Err, where did the Quake (as in, Quake 1) support go? On start-up, I am only seeing the options for Q3/QL/ET and Urban Terror?


Quake 1 isn't supported in 1.6 at the moment. The games currently supported are Quake III Arena, QuakeLive, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and Urban Terror.

Support for games that were in older release lines of the editor (such as Quake 1), would be pretty easy to add back. They are not included yet because no programmer has made a commitment to support them, and we have committed to "A small subset of well supported games" for 1.6 rather than the old approach of putting in as many game packs as we could.

You will find more details about this in the Mission Statement section of the website.

Derek Hanson

Hello TTimo:

Does the 1.6.3 q3map2 (Based on q3map2_fs20g, which was forked from 2.5.16) have any known issues with terrain blending?

I am mapping for Urban Terror 4.1.

I opened up Socs tutorial http://www.simonoc.com/pages/articles/terrain2_1.htm .maps as a test and compiled them with every setting available in the current 1.6.3 release and I'm getting similar results to what EmeraldTiger got in this thread http://www.quake3world.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&p=887040.

If you scroll down you will see what I mean ...Basically there is no blending.

Any advice is appreciated. Regards,


We haven't explicitly tested the terrain blending in FrozenSand's q3map2 fork. It's not a feature used much in Urban Terror mapping as far as I can tell, so it may be broken.

You can still compile your map for Urban Terror with the latest 'general release' q3map2 (2.5.17) that is included in GtkRadiant. You won't get the FS enhancements like the lighting model, but you can see if the terrain blending works there at least.

NOTE: It's best to track these things on the project tracker, I've copied this information over: https://github.com/TTimo/GtkRadiant/issues/126

Emile Ong

About Quake 1 and other games not on the supported list: You can probably download the game packs from SVN. They should work okay with a little manual configuration of the project files.


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