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Leif Gruenwoldt

Well, you deserve many thanks for your hard work in keeping the Linux torch burning at id Software and getting idtech source code onto github. I'm sure you've left a legacy there and hopefully someone else will carry the torch onwards. Best of luck!


Sad to see you leave iD. You have done a great job for the Linux community over the years and you will be missed in that regard. I was really hoping that eventually RAGE would be ported to Linux, but I understand.

Best of luck in your new job. Maybe you can talk them in to releasing some of their titles for Linux. :)

Alexander Herbst

I guess we can finally forget Rage on Linux, don't we? :/

However, big thanks for the games you have made available on Linux!

Let's hope the startup will come up with cool games (for Linux:])


Have fun, thanks for all your work. Hopefully your new stuff will be visible to the end-user

Jonathan Wong

Thanks for your contributions to Linux gaming! Just curious but what is the name of this startup?


My presence at id wasn't going to make a Linux release more likely to happen. That didn't factor into my decision to leave, but I want to avoid any misconceptions about how much influence I had at the studio.

A Facebook User

Hello TTimo,
I like the posters above want to thank you for the great things you have done for the Linux community and I'm actually happy that your new startup won't be developing another FPS, it's because of your help we already have so many FPSrs on Linux.

What we really need is a quality RPG game ;)

A Facebook User

I'm surprised and also a bit saddened to hear that you left ID Software. If I may ask, why did you decide to leave? And was it on bad terms? If you don't want to answer, I can understand. I wish you alot of luck & success in your future.


Gaming is changing fast and I want to stay close to the technologies and media platforms that I think are most relevant. Down the road I would still like to focus on multiplayer and esports, pushing some of my own ideas in that direction.


Thank you for your Linux work at Id software, they will be way sorry sooner or later.

Steven Kah Hien Wong

Good luck on your future endeavors, Timo! Look forward to hearing about it. :)

Rıfat Emrah ALTUNYA

Thanks for all your efforts and works for GNU/Linux gaming. I still have Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Quake 4 and Quake Live in my system thanks to you. That is embarrassing to see MAC OS X version of Rage has been released just 1 week after your resignation and there is no future Linux version around... Anyway, thank you for everything again!


I'm also want to thank all your effort for all those years of contributions to the GNU/Linux ecosystem. Sad news indeed for the Linux gaming world, because since you leaved id, seems that nobody there wants to occupy your role: https://twitter.com/#!/ID_AA_Carmack/status/195278188333641729

And, Rage's engine it's supposed to work under linux... sad, not for Rage itself (or Doom 4), but for those unvaluable gifts that id has given to the community by releasing each and every idTech engine... I really hope your resignation will not affect their policy in this way

Selfishness aside, I wish you the best.

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