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Dear Timo,

I wrote this suggestion from behalf of Russian gamers society. Me and another gamers from Russia are very interesting in Quake Live service on a territory of Russia.
At this moment we can't find a server for comfortable game in your
service, the closest servers are in Poland but they are too slow for
us(Ping is around 150 ms).
I've got the following suggestion:

I'm ready to give a 24/7 working Linux(Windows) based dedicated server
on Moscow territory with 100 Mbit bandwith and static IP address.This
server is enough to provide a comfortable play for users of Quake Live
service on European part of Russia. Also we can provide a full 24/7
support for this server or give a full rights to yours IT engineers. I
would like to suggest it without any conditions, because we just want
to play. If you are interesting in such idea please give me a feedback.

Hope for promt rely.

With Best Regards.


Ah you're lucky I saw that post notification. Why not sending me a message through the QuakeLive forums? Think you sent me a game request on the site, or try to poke me on quakenet IRC (TTimo)

Josef Johansson

Just thought to myself, this guy would think that the application 'terminator' would be nice ;)

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