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Since Ubuntu is essentially a Debian build, any idea how this would apply to Hardy Heron?


yes, ubuntu is affected as well, they released their own advisory yesterday .. I don't have any ubuntu systems so I don't know the details


http://metasploit.com/users/hdm/tools/debian-openssl/ best analysis so far. The key space is indeed tiny .. debian sshd checks and denies the most common keys now, but sshd from other distros doesn't, so if you have uploaded weak keys anywhere else those systems remain exposed.


[this is good] Debian SSL & TOR


  A bug in the Debian GNU/Linux distribution's OpenSSL package was
  announced today. This bug would allow an attacker to figure out private
  keys generated by these buggy versions of the OpenSSL library. Thus,
  all private keys generated by affected versions of OpenSSL must be
  considered to be compromised.

  Tor uses OpenSSL, so Tor users and admins need to take action in order
  to remain secure in response to this problem.

  If you are running Debian, Ubuntu, or any Debian-based GNU/Linux
  distribution, first follow the instructions at
  to upgrade your OpenSSL package to a safe version.


[this is good] While you are in there take a look at /etc/ssh/sshd_config.

Try not not to offer ssh services on Port 22 to the world.

Also consider using AllowedUsers:

AllowUsers *@ip
AllowUsers *@ip...

Where ip, ip... are addresses or DNS names of the incoming sites you trust. As many as you like.


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